Sunday, June 5, 2011

June Moments

“It is the month of June,

The month of leaves and roses,

When pleasant sights salute the eyes,

And pleasant scents the noses.”

Nathaniel Parker Willis

Bannon making music.
Grady is now talking his jibberish language. His tones go up and down and he carries on a regular conversation.
The hoses are out and we are watering seeds, plants, and even some weeds :) I can't completely keep up! I have to chase a toddler for most of the day. We have planted wildflower seeds from American Meadows, and lots of baby plants are poking up all over. I did discover a deer ate the top off of one of my lilies, but the rest of the lily trees and lettuce are still safe.

Coming for me!!! Yay!

And Hannah attended her Junior prom with a childhood friend, Andrew.


  1. What beautiful pictures! Such happiness expressed by all! That little one is becoming quite the social one! He gave me at least three hugs this morning!

  2. Love it! Beauty inside and outside of your home! And I love how happy Andrew and Hannah look in these pictures! Nice memories!

  3. love it, love it! isn't june the month we wait for all year long? and now here it is! your world is beautifully pictured, even from far away. i love you and all these faces, and your gardens!