Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Dear Blog,

(Pictures by Abby and Jeremy)
Just when I think, perhaps it's time to stop this blog, my children pick up last year's blog book my Mom and sister gifted me with, and they laugh and look and ask me sheepishly, "Can we do fun things like that again?" And I smile and tell them, we still are doing fun things like that, every day.

Every day, we get up and do the next thing, live life for Him, and somehow, even when we don't see it, we get to look back over the past, and see the ordinary days have their own special glimmer where God's hand and heart designed and spoke, "love them," and it turns beautiful but not because you made it beautiful for a blog or for other's eyes, but because it just kind of happened, and one is surprised and glad all at the same time. Even the fingers that have typed this, come back here and read and I'm encouraged by the threads the LORD has sewn.

We remember His creation, the works of His hands. They testify of His greatness.
We wrestle with life, lose our cool, repent and ask forgiveness, stand back up, and move on again. Isn't His grace like that? Isn't His love and kindness like that? It's amazing.
And each other, people in the grocery store, neighborhood, online and realtime. Made in His image. All of value. He has no favorites. And His heart beats strong for every one. And we ask, help me love like You do father.

This is life. For today. Not tomorrow or yesterday. I'll live it for Him. Do it all for Him.

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