Friday, May 13, 2011

Once upon a time

Bedtime is always sweeter with a good book to read.

And a carefully arranged dollshelf by Abby. "I have five babies Mommy. And they are a LOT of work." Fresh picked flowers added by Sophie.


  1. Oh yes! Reading is such an adventure! And they are engrossed in their books aren't they? And Abby, yes she would be concerned over those dolls welfare! A lot of work! Yes! She is a good little mommy! Learned from the best!

  2. Abby is precious! And wise beyond her years! :>)

  3. Beautiful. Dee, Abby is such a sweet heart. She has come up to me 2 Sunday's in a row and said " Hello Mrs. Bernhardt" what a blessing she is . I hope all your little ones are felling better.