Monday, May 9, 2011

I will lift my eyes

Lost in thought and prayer lately. So many things I'm wrestling with, being challenged by. I hope it means growth, but truly, in God's kingdom, the way up in growing is down :) So I'm quiet while I let and allow and resist the urge to defend myself while my heart is humbled and I listen. Allowing the workings of my days, the stony parts of my heart, the rhythms of grace lead me back to Father's presence where I pray I'll be changed more and more.

Mother's Day was a treasure with love outpourings from my husband, children, and well loved friends and family. Days like that are beautiful in that they lift the heart of a giving woman, tell her and remind her what an important and irreplaceable job she is doing, and give her the space in a whole day to reflect on the fruit of her labors.

Life is busy and I'm forgetting a little to slow down and capture the memories by picture and words. So I picked up the camera again today to do a Grateful Monday for 1000 Gifts. So, without further delay...

Dear Lord, I am so thankful for:

~Husband who walks through the door with groceries in hand saying, "I've got the rest of dinner. I saw Rachel Ray do an awesome dinner in 15 minutes on TV at the doctor's and I brought home the stuff to do it!"

~Little girls who rested their busy bodies and minds to listen to my singing and storytelling.

~Homemade cards with misspellings and heart-thoughts of their own

~Being center stage in a little wonder of a boy's heart

~a Japanese restaurant and time alone with my Gentleman

~life reminders that their is an adversary that prowls to rob, kill and destroy

~2 toned petunias and free gifts at the garden store

~the Love of God, the love of family, the love of friends

~sweet, special time with my Mom and sister

~an anonymous, smiling, quiet woman whose hobby was portrayed in Victoria magazine sitting at a table next to me, and she was beautiful in her old age

~tasting bits and pieces of "peace that passes understanding"

~coffee in bed

~excited faces peeking in my bedroom door because it was a happy morning of Mother's Day for them as much as it was for me


  1. Oh so beautiful! And to be reminded of being thankful! How could I forget? Must have been the anesthesia! I LOVE reading your thankful lists, it helps me to remember the moments... You have shown us the moments! It's wonderful! Love you, and loved our special time together too! Mom

  2. LOVE this! I've been thinking a lot about the "rhythms of grace" as you mentioned. Blogging about that soon too! Your gratitudes are perfect. Life isn't perfect and I love that one of your "gratitudes" is that an "adversary prowls.." I know that's hard to be thankful for, but to find the gratitude in that, the caffeine to spark your alert eyes open, that's grace.

  3. I just love this post! Such beauty all around you...your kids, your home, your life. I am so thankful I get to do this thing called life with you as my friend. xo