Friday, December 17, 2010

Who needs Hallmark?

When there is just the little bit of snow, the folks around here look for the sleds. We happily, for sledding purposes, live on a hill (now the Driveway is a completely different matter!). Uncle Ben and cousins came with sleds in hand for some Jr. sized sledding.

Every day I peek out the window to watch the kids sleigh-ride. Doing it with family and friends bring smiles aplenty. It will be fun when the Big Snow will fall, and then we'll make jumps and banks.

The real question is which sled is the fastest? or depending on your taste, the slowest?

And Maama prepares the Christmas pot of hot cocoa.


  1. Watching them sleigh ride was SO much fun! I loved it! And after hot cocoa...outside they ran! It was refreshing to watch!