Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Putting on my apron.

 Some days I wake up on the wrong side of the bed. Yesterday was one of those days. If I let my mood run its course, it would have been one of a complaining nature. But what sort of good does that bring about? No, I guessed it wouldn't do. After some needed understanding emailing with a dear friend, I got busy doing the "next thing,"  and let the songs of need and praise come from the heart. Things started to look better soon.

I was able to work around some children who are truly generous and inspire me in many ways. I did the things that I know are me and who God has made me to be. I worked on letting go of guilt for not being a superwoman, letting go of comparison, letting go of my inability to make everyone happy, letting go of the what-ifs, and leaving it all in Father's hands, asking Him for wisdom, brings peace. 

Again, pictures taken, to enjoy, to pay attention to, the little things, to dance.

I fluffed the nest with a little vacuuming, some laundry, baking cookies, reading about bugs with some interested students :), Christmas copywork, lego towers, smiling at the sweet little mommies, thanked the Lord for the feet and laughter and cries that make up the snow sledding, boots, and puddles my dry warm feet step in. (And next time, a large towel will be handy for that.)


My Mom lovingly and carefully put together these paper boxes and made us an Advent calendar. I have to fill these up today! The kids are very excited about it. She has started a new blog here, and I can't wait to visit with her there.

I have so many other things to say, but hopefully will get to it tomorrow.


  1. You are such a good Mama. I am blessed to call you friend. xo BTW, my house is still a wreck, but I decided cinnamon bread tastes better than a mopped floor.....

  2. Of course, that was not bernhardt building, but me..... :>)

  3. maureen! I had to laugh, I thought maybe you had started another blog!
    Dee, one would never have known you had anything but a glorious day! You are such a good mommy! And you had everyone warm and cozy ready for a long winters night by the time I came with that calendar! Cookies coming out of the oven, dinner on, husband sleeping...you are a gifted woman!

  4. once again, beautiful happiness. i love that Mom did that. i think it's so creative. and those little mama's... precious!!!