Tuesday, December 21, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things.

Life is busy. It's not something I can necessarily control, because I have very busy bees in this home. They are alive! which of course means they run, tumble, yell, play. which also means they sometimes spill things, they break things, they bicker.

But they laugh.

And they make up songs that they want to sing for me.

And they draw beautiful pictures. Some with my name on the top printed bold, colored pink. "Mom".

They say funny things.

They say inspiring things.

They pull out board games and make fun happen because they are who they are.

I'm thankful for life.

I'm thankful for the silly ducks that gather by the back door to eat apple peels.

I'm thankful for the way the ducks run in a line from the left to the house and the chickens run in a line from the right to the house, because their Grand Master Jake is running up the front steps.

I'm thankful for Joyce Meyer's "word for someone to just chill out."

I'm thankful for the Book of Psalms.

I'm thankful for Christmas carols. Tim Janis Christmas on Grooveshark. repeat times many* for a loud home.

I'm thankful for sleepy nights and busy days.

Piggy back rides!

"The Taylor Hicks-George Clooney guitar hybrid face" ala Jacob

Juggling, horsing around and laughing

Christmas letters

playing with Mary and baby Jesus

sugar cookies and sprinkles

oh my, the sweetest little kissable chubby face. no, really.

Signs and symbols of life sprinkled throughout the home.


  1. oh i love, i love, i love!! everything about it!!! what beauty you've captured! "whatever is noble... whatever is pure..whatever is lovely...whatever is admirable.." you did it right here. i love it!

  2. You are on my list of favorite things. Just sayin'. xo