Sunday, July 18, 2010

What Gifts from the Hands

Hannah painted this for me. I did have to beg just a bit :) because she is the artsy one. Oh, I just love it!

And here are matching dresses my mama whipped up for Sunday beauty. Aren't they nice?
Sorry for the distance. I was rushing to gather them all together, Bella fell and scraped her knee, and my little dreamers were off and about playing something. But they kept them on all day.
Wednesday. That's my favorite day this week!


  1. a list for you.
    1. i love, love, love the sign! perfect.
    2. the clothes are precious! and what a cute skirt on hannah.
    3. i had a real Abba divine moment here on your blog listening to keri jobe's "my beloved." like weeping, praying, open heart before the Lord moment. so thank you for accommodating that :)

  2. Thanks for the blog dee...and the music... I love just listening... it fills a void... and sends me to my resting place!