Monday, August 17, 2009

How sweet it is to be loved by you.

Jeremy made the most yummy dinner bbq last night. It was pork ribs, with his own homemade bbq rub, roasted potatoes, and grilled zucchini. He cleaned the kitchen all by himself. He does that a lot. Dishes, sweeping, counters, and even the refrigerator. I am a lucky girl. Day after day he uses his summertime months to sweat and earn money so our family is taken care of. I was overwhelmed by appreciation last week while the kids and I were about town, doing whatever we wanted, and I remembered he was sweating, laboring, and thinking of us, hoping we were enjoying our days. I had a fudgcicle in his honor.

For better for worse. I feel like I got the better part of the bargain. He still loves me when I'm in my worse. A lot.

Yesterday afternoon the heat here at home, with 4 young, rowdy little people, became a bit unbearable. (Insert, Mom thank you for taking time to play with Bannon and Abby. They loved it.) We escaped to what I think is little piece of heaven on earth. The C. resevoir. I could almost faint with relaxation (not kidding) when I step out of the vehicle and put my feet on that glorious spot of earth. The cool breezes brought the warm scents of clean air and clean water directly my way. The beautiful scenes of calm water, forested mountains, and a summertime sunset is much preferred by me then any Little House on the Prairie rerun on the TV.
No pictures right now because our big bad computer is being bad and is not accepting any input. So another day, I will be overwhelming it with lots of summertime pictures lived by our family this year.

Well, I must get going. We are still in our jammies here, and there is another beautiful day to enjoy. Btw, I am 11 weeks and the nausea is dropping off nicely. It helps me feel more like myself.

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