Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Winter Days

Here we are looking toward the end of February. I am looking forward to the proverbial lion of March to roar so then we get to the enjoy the lamb's ending. Winter becomes tolerable,and even understood, reminding myself that the longer busy days are coming and the days of coziness by the fire will end. I'm trying to tackle some books that require more of my time and concentration while the kiddos are playing, and asking for snacks, since winter affords it. Winter walking calls for scarves, gloves, and warm socks. The creek has a beautiful aqua green color to it this time of year. The ducks are about, and sometimes we even get to see an eagle.

I will quickly write that Jeremy is also sending out applications to jobs that would require many changes for us, and who knows what the future hold but God? Though these seasons of my life as a daughter, wife and mother are changing and looking different, I'm learning to lean on God in deeper and different ways. Ways I had previously taken for granted. It's not easy. But God is good and loves us. So often in hindsight, things He asked me to surrender and trust to Him, were so good for me and the others who have been involved in the decisions. So like a child, I'm learning to trust my Father again and again. I'm learning.


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