Thursday, October 25, 2012

This Family's Book

Right now the little girls are going between dancing to the music on the Pandora, and back again to the table for leaf rubbings. This morning we plodded through our math and phonics workbooks for schoolwork first. I've decided to set aside the phonics work for Sophie a little, because she is gaining a lot of skill more to her ability through How to Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons. I love that homeschooling is flexible like that, tweak and fix according to what feels right for the student.

Speaking of "tweaking," even more than curriculum, is the "tweaking" in character of us all. It's amazing how "being mean" and "pushing buttons" isn't something necessarily that is caught by society or the world. Although, it sadly can be learned that way. It also can start right within a heart. Just like that *snap.* Getting to the root is a little more difficult :) but for God's help, truth, mercy and grace...

The little ones and I are in charge of getting the kindling, so we crunched through the leaves with different sized armfuls to gather and pile them up in the cellar. The geese flew overhead, and serenaded us with their call. Leaves were falling (really) right over the top of us. So happy I didn't miss that :) It's refreshing to have moments of poetry such as that, in the midst of work, valid concerns and ridiculous worries.

The little guys all love to read the blog books I have printed from the previous years. Abby referred to "a story in my Curls and Crayfish book" the other day, and I was reminded that it seems a little thing to me to put life here. But to them, it's a treasure of memories, thoughts, stories and love.

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  1. I missed this post! :) I'm so glad you write. xo