Saturday, April 21, 2012

When you have an 18 year old

"That's it," I thought. "I'm just going to have to be the bad guy and tell her she can't do it."

Mulling and praying have been my lot lately as Jeremy and I have been walking with Hannah through this season of looking into colleges and talking with her about those things she's interested in, and considering study of, along with her future.

It was about a year ago we took on a more serious level of thought and discussion with her. I have been so torn through these years of watching her grow and move from interests in horses, deer, environment, books, and music. I've read and listened to a lot of thoughts about raising daughters and find many have differing opinions on what a young lady should do when she gets to college age. I got to the point, yet again, that I needed to find peace along with Jeremy and Hannah, and throw out the rule books I've read and listened to.

What about debt? What about a heart for home? What about her walk with God?

Trust God. Listen to her dreams and interests. Trust God. Keep quiet and pray. Speak at the appropriate time. Trust God. Think things through with her. Trust God. Set some limits. Trust God. Worry. :) Trust God.

Stand back and watch her speak of her own conversations with God and see how He answers her prayers and be so thankful you don't have to do this parenting thing without Him. Remember He is the one who answers prayers, and can do it without your help. Remember He works in our hearts. Many times with a parent's help. Sometimes without it.

And then find, at least this time, that hard conversation didn't need to happen. He was working out the answer.

How much does He love these kids of ours? Count the ways.



  1. And I say amen! You are:doing a great job!

  2. You guys are navigating these uncharted waters with grace, Godly wisdom, and love. xo So happy for Hannah. Nothing like peace with the next step, and excitement for steps to come!

  3. I greatly relate! You raise them up and then there comes the time when you must let go and let God. A little bit at a time, than more and more. Your first one, my last. Bittersweet for both of us...