Tuesday, April 17, 2012

"Our hearts are restless until we rest in Thee"

We had a few days of cold and snow, where we did get the fire going again. I thought this picture of Abby is a funny but true picture of the comfort the kids seek by the warmth of the fire.

We have had family over for little visits here and there. Maddie stayed with us and she was able to participate in our Sunday morning ritual of making pancakes. Jeremy is the usual pancake chef, and he serves everyone. We keep track of which little one has helped because it is a cherished spot to be the pancake flipper.

Easter Sunday, we celebrated by visiting an Easter service on Saturday evening. Jeremy and the bigger kids went to church Sunday morning, while the smallest ones and I visited Gram. Family came for a celebration dinner, we looked for eggs, and ate a bit of chocolate. This time of year is very special to me while I walk through the gospel, and the heart stirring that happens again and again as I remember why Christ came and the inheritance that is ours because He became the way the truth and life. It's a time for laughter, a time for thankfulness, a time for love, a time for renewed purpose.

Spring has come with air that smells sweet and warm sunshine. We've gathered frog eggs, snakes and frogs.

And Jeremy took some out for the first fishing trip of the season.

Thank you Lord for Your presence, Your guidance, Your ways that I know are good. Give us the grace we need as we look to You and trust You.



  1. Hurray! Love seeing the beauty of your days and hearing the beauty of your heart!