Friday, December 9, 2011

*Homemaking things*

Sorry for theThanksgiving turkey in December! This was one of those cute crafts we had done all a flurry-scurry like. You know, the one where this one needed something and the other needed that, and Grady wouldn't stay off the table and into everyone else's business. But they were cute, and we made Grady his own on a Popsicle stick because he like it when we pretended they gobbled at him :)

I've been practicing the art of 15 minutes these days. I have had so many moments of feeling overwhelmed during my days and also facing the dilemma of my procrastinating bigger projects. Some things I have just faced head on and asked for help. Mom came up and for an hour we looked at and tried on boots, jackets, gloves and snow pants.

A project I had been procrastinating approximately 2 YEARS, I accomplished in two 15 minute work sessions while the kids watched tv. Now the storage room is clean! A half hour total. Hopefully I can apply this to my exercise aspirations as well.

Artsy I'm not, but my daughter Hannah painted Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus with the little ones after dinner one evening. We made a salt dough recipe and modeled them and baked them. They are not perfect, but we love them anyway!



  1. I love seeing the projects you do with your kids! And I really love the 15 minute approach to chores that get procrastinated. I may have to adopt it. And I really, really love you, my friend! :)

  2. Oh I loved it! Your nativity scene will be so special because you made it (and no tears will be shed if it breaks!).