Thursday, March 3, 2011

Homemaking thoughts

A Little House
God send us a little home
To come back to, when we roam.
Low walls and fluted tiles
Wide windows, a view for miles.
Red firelight and deep chairs
Small white beds upstairs
Great talk in little nooks
Dim colors, rows of books.
One picture on each wall,
not many things at all.
God, send us a little ground
Tall trees stand round.
Homely flowers in brown sod
and Overhead, thy stars, O God.
God bless thee, when winds blow
Our home and all we know.

~by Florence Bone

(Jeremy's homefries. He is the best at making them.)

Jeremy has the claw foot tub in! The beadboard is painted white and there are tiles under the tub only, but we are on our way to remodeling the house. It is such a fun and a creative endeavor for us to imagine colors and feelings here. I look forward to thrifting to find the treasures to accent the walls and furniture.

I've found this winter a happy recipe for the dinner hour are the candles, the music, the insistence on table manners, and sitting together for talking. It really doesn't matter the food or perfectly matched sets. It's amazing how even the simplest meals (grilled cheese, eggs, salads), are all the sweetest and heartwarming with these ingredients.


  1. I love how you make meal times and tea times so special! I've been trying, too.
    Music has really been a tool for me, too, to try to keep things to a dull roar at the table.

  2. love and beauty is so evident here!