Thursday, June 3, 2010


Hi Friends :)

I spoke here that I've been considering taking a break from or ending blogging altogether. I'm ready to take a step back out of the main worldwideweb traffic, and put permissions for privacy on the blog for a season. I'll still be blogging so I do invite you to let me know if you'd like to "visit" here. :) If for some reason there is someone that I don't know who reads, please allow me to "know" by blog site address you are also a friend. From reading it looks like I'll need your email address. (I know, who wants one more thing to sign into ;)

Thanks everyone!


  1. I, for one enjoy reading your blogs. I also find it amazing that you find time with 8 children.....truly though, I enjoy.


  2. I would like to follow you =)

  3. logansgramma, I can't find an email on your google page...It looks like I need that to "invite" you. My email is, and you can send it privately there if you'd like.

  4. Hey Dee, I love coming to your blog.. It's very encouraging.. My email is
    Thanks, Kristi S.