Friday, February 5, 2010

When we became three

First there was us. Two young dreamers. I followed him to the mountains where he had his first professional job. We were mostly alone, with his family nearby, and we welcomed our firstborn Hannah.

So exciting. So new. We spent our days together. Before cable. Before internet. It was just us in the quiet mountains. And how much we loved her!

We spent our moments with her, holding her...

Hiking with her...
Pulling her along in a sled...
On her first birthday, she was rewarded with her first taste of chocolate. She LOVED it!!!

and then she became a sister.

Now two babes to love. Her happiness continued to bless our days.

Always dressing up...and dalmatians were her favorite...

gathering her goods to practice being lovely...

and having a brother to practice being loving...

Daddy took them fishing.

And she learned that patience has rewards.

What beauty and blessing she brings to us.

Artsy and a romantic.

A dreamer of big things.

Blessed to have people who love her.

And we are blessed by her loving us.
Happy 16 years of growing, and learning, and laughter Hannah!


  1. *sniff* beautiful...we love Hannah, and every one of the beautiful M children!

  2. Oh, Dee! There are no words... just tears! What a full and joyful life! What a precious gift she is!

  3. I love the way you express your mother's heart,Dee. I especially liked the picture captioned, A dreamer of big things.Hannah is a beautiful and gifted young woman.

  4. Dee,
    This is just beautiful. Happy Birthday Hannah!

  5. Dee...
    This is a beautiful post from a beautiful mama celebrating the life of her beautiful daughter!!! WOW! Happy 16th Birthday Hannah! Wait, does this mean she's gonna be DRIVING???? Oh my....:o)
    Lots of love from us!!