Thursday, December 31, 2009

A New Year's Eve Party

When we first had children, we struggled with what to do on New Year's Eve. Money was tight, and the ability to last in a pleasant way the night through with younger folk was a challenge. I took the 20 dollars we had and went and purchased the kids' favorites: boxed mac-n-cheese, Ramen noodles, a dessert I can't recall...I think it was Jello, and rented some family favorites from the family plan at the rental store. I remember The Apple Dumpling Gang in particular. With a happy, "this is a party" flair, we strung lights, set the table nice, played music and had a great time. It seemed to fit for us.

It has changed as the kids have grown. Now we watch an annual movie marathon of Lord of the Rings, the food list has shrimp, bubbly grape juice and mini hot dogs on it, we play games, I get the house clean and pretty, and at some point around 5, I'll turn on some jazzy music, and announce "Let the party begin!"

It's always been my heart to learn how to "make our fun happen" and I've found creativity, elbow grease, attitude and love to go very far in my loved ones' lives and it brings the fun right back to my doorstep.

I always share things that I have wondered how other family's have done. This is just one way of course. I'm looking forward to tonight. Ok, maybe it's because I get to hear some of my favorite lines and we'll be quoting them for days! :)

May we find moments to make merry and remember with gladness! Happy New Year's!

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  1. Everyday is a party at your house! :>)
    Happy New Year... Love you all~