Friday, July 8, 2016

On the wings

Time you fly. 
Father grant me that heart of wisdom.
 For eyes to really see. 
For love to lay down, to give away.
                                  In the midst of the bickering, there are memories.
                                   From the cries of injustice, there are prayers to pray                  
                                   wrongs to confess, hurt to be forgiven

The smell of the lake, the scent of sunscreen, the shrill cry of the seagull
It beckons us to look beyond the tides, the beauty
to behold a caring presence
a guiding hand
an Almighty God

We are poring through our library books, dumping water on each other, eating too much ice cream.  I'm cherishing these days more than I fight the frustrations of growing attitudes that need direction. Sister and brother in law, daughter wait for their little boy to come and to be held in arm.

Time is bittersweet. Meant to be embraced but not held on to. Lived to have another day to love.
Help me do it well Jesus.

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