Saturday, November 21, 2015

A Saturday Way of Things

 We really love to do the museum thing. Last year we invested in two season passes to a couple of local museums that we have really enjoyed and gotten our money's worth from. One has a large attendance because of its nature to encourage play so it tends to be crowded, and we often get a new virus a couple of days that follow. But I've surprised myself in finding we really enjoy our trips there in spite of its drawbacks.

And gosh. I really really love children's imaginations. 

 DOLL. HOUSES. DOLLS. Yes girls. I know.
 We came home tired and mostly happy.

I say *mostly* because there is so much character work going on around here, sometimes I can't even.

But parenting is a full time work, and we aren't giving up on each other. Nope.

These guys are my heart.

We were able to get some books to borrow from the library selection, and they all dug in after getting in their pj's.

(Sorry honey I got you with your eyes closed,) but this guy made french fries from scratch and they were so good!!

Hannah brought us cupcakes from her new job, and we all have a movie to watch.

This was such a nice Saturday. 

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