Thursday, March 28, 2013

As time goes by

The baby is now 3 :) Time moves on and I'm not quite sure I'm ready for it! I've been so blessed by the knowing that God is with me. This is my portion (thank you Maureen). He knew and knows where my feet and being a mom to a family of 8 children would walk, much more than me and the plans I've made. Some are leaving the nest and the little ones grow big. He is yet with me and even better, with them.

Little Grady marches on to be a big boy, and we celebrated this milestone with him. He plays with his cars a lot and I'm frequently just standing there watching him play, capturing his little chubby hands as a picture in my mind. I'm thankful that though he certainly brings drama to our lives, he brings a lot of fun and love as well.

Little boy with eyes so blue,
Today we celebrate you!
Your lively games and mischievous grin,
And racing cars just to win
We turn the page and watch's God's hand
Grow You in His loving plan!


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  1. How is it possible he is 3? And your portion---it's beautiful and full of grace and God and goodness! xo