Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Together under the canopy
of trees and leaves so green.
The wonders of a nature hike. Where they think of Narnia and elvish things.

The water is clean and more splashing of white cools us off. Reflections on the rocks above.
Creatures to see and observe.

It's free and a gift. Time together can't be taken away from the heart.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Letters of grace

Listening, watching, appreciating

To laugh and appreciate the growing of hearts.

To play, to give. In time, in thought, in interest, in heart, in life.

Because as I do to the least of these,

As I do unto you,
an audience of One

The flowers grow when I'm not watching.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Summer Days

Do you like butter Bella? Yes, yes you do :)

We take our walking feet and go to where the creek runs free. tripping and rolling over the stones.
We swim. We splash. We watch for turtles and snakes and crayfish.

Rocks and sticks are in abundant supply to play and pound and throw.
Skip and plunk go the rocks.
There is even a fashionable way to wear your hair in the summer heat.

Exercise, fresh air and sunshine.
And berries. Not enough for pie or cobbler or crisp or jam. Just enough to stain our fingers and mouth among the lot of them.
And we ask to go back day after day to do it all over again.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Days 6 and 7....

It has been some busy and fast days. It's ok with me. Jeremy is plugging away at college, and we miss him. Being focused on getting things done here, and enjoying the kids is my assignment right now.

View from above:

Hannah's bouquet:
Newly painted and carpeted rooms. Beds made by the little ones.

The teens have begun voice lessons with a music teacher, and the little guys are deeply involved in... play. I'm resting in the knowing that God will provide for our needs. We have big decisions in our upcoming future. So we are praying and trusting His wisdom will guide our footsteps. If you think of us, we'd appreciate the prayers too.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Days 2-5

~Sights, sounds and scents of homemaking joys
* old carpets out, walls painted pale colors - calm for our eyes
(before pictures)
~closet reordering and painting

~all the helping hands
~picnics and parties
~wild, rambling gardens
~the times of holding and hugging
~pink flowers