Thursday, July 7, 2011

My Father's World

We are back from our vacation to the ocean. The smaller M. crew had never seen the ocean, and it was one of my mothering joys to watch them as the first sights of the ocean came into view and the wonder of it captured them. My heart was captured too.

We traveled over large bridges through tunnels, and the wind whipped through our hair as we drove side by side with this open blue space and endless horizons.

Bella's first sighting.

The world is large and God's grace is bigger and endless still. I woke one morning to see the sun rising and another time lay resting while the seagulls sang their tune and the waves splashed and crashed on to the shore. Both times left me quiet, tearful, and so grateful for the way His gentleness *and* magnitude were revealed to me in this season of life.

A breathtaking trip and there will be no way to post all the pictures so a note to my kids (check the photo albums and scrapbooks for more)


  1. Nothing like the sound of the relaxes and inspires and fills and empties...what a gift to spend time in such a beautiful place with loved ones all around.

  2. Beautiful pictures! Beautiful words! Thank you for letting me share in some of those moments when I could not be there with you! Love,love the picture of Grady relaxing in his chair!