Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Pages of Summer

Community day brought an opportunity for Cotter to play with our church's worship team at the firehouse. Some of the other highlights were being able to walk the llamas and getting soaked by the firemen's hose.

Bella had an obsession with Franky the llama. We'd walk away, only to have her run back to him when we were and even were not paying attention!

Freckles enhanced by the sun are beautiful!
Playing in the hose

Hannahbanana and Jake.


  1. We were there, too! I just missed you! Love the pic of Bella and the llama! So cute..Andrew said she was calling it a camel!

  2. Why did I never see this blog? This blog is so perfectly summer. I will come back here in Winter when I have forgotten what summer is like.