Friday, April 8, 2011

Things in spring

Listening to the sights and sound of home. Grady sees the girls playing dolls and he's intrigued and joins in.

Bella growing and learning to pay more attention to things she's playing with, for longer periods of time.
Look Mom! See Mom? Guess what Mom? Why Mom? Remembering the language of their ages. Their wonder and active years of discovery. Approval. Encouragement.
We spent a sunny hour at the pond. Me sitting with Grady at my side soaking in the sun. The other guys looking for salamanders. Home for a lunch at the picnic table, and then quiet time where I caught a quick rest on the couch. Home business of sweeping, mopping, putting away laundry, cleaning hot spots also creating pretty. Watching the little seeds in the window sprout.

Fun at family's swingset, home for more play and waffles. Bubble bath.