Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Such a time as this

I see the finish line. Pardon me if my focus gets more fixated. :) Really. Last night, he saw it coming, grabbed my hands and said,
"No, don't do it...It's going to be fine..."
and the tears freely fell.

I know it could be called fear. I think I'm not good with unknowns. I like predictability and comfort. I like knowing that life will go on as I know it.

Yet, isn't life like that anyway? Isn't that why Jesus told us not to worry about tomorrow because there are enough concerns in the today? The very thing I am giving myself to walk in. Today. Resting in His hands like I'm on a large bed that won't ever disappear...in spite of how I feel, His hand remains.

This is one of the moments of my life where I give myself to the bigger picture.

A new life and person will make their entry into the world.


  1. You know I know....It WILL be ok. You WILL be ok. I'll remind you as many times as you need reminding! Love to you today!

  2. Thinking of you constantly and praying for you through this last little leg. You are amazing!!! I love you!